Friedrich Bayer Bridge LoebCapote Arquitetura

Images Leonardo Finotti

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Apollo 12 Astronauts Pete Conrad, Dick Gordon and Alan Bean with their matching 1969 Corvette Stingrays.

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Well shit, I’ve got chicken pox

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Unusual Picnic Table Designs, From Transformable to Transportable


Unusual Picnic Table Designs, From Transformable to Transportable

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Confluence Topographical Plywood Tea Tray by Artonomos

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By Poliform, designed by Daniel Libeskind 

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Tornado (by mariorei)

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Yerka Project Unstealable Bike

Another cool bicycle innovation coming from Chile.

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tyde - adjustable work station by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for vitra

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Go Italian! Fonde - Ravioli Rolling Pin

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Casa Tóló in Lugar das Carvalhinhas, Portugal by Alvaro Leite Siza Vieira

For reasons of functionality and integration, it was opted to organize the main entrance based on the street where car transit was possible. This road leads to the northern higher part of the lot. Nevertheless, it is possible to access the house from a more rustic footpath from the south. Its fragmentation, necessary due to the steep topography, transforms the whole into a composition of small linked and interconnected volumes, creating an unevenness that allows for a more secure and rational use of the lot. In this way the house’s various functions are clarified with each elevation corresponding to a single compartment. The roof functions simultaneously as pavement support for the gardens: similar to the traditional threshing floors and patios in the northern regions of the country with hilly terrain.

Photography: Fernando Guerra

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The incredibly beautiful sci-fi art of John Harris.

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The YardStash III Is Perfect For Storing Your Bike Outside

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Imagine having your own private portable retreat positioned at a picturesque spot halfway between our marvelous Mother Earth and the clear blue skies above. Roomoon Hanging Tent

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